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After helping millions of students as, we decided to launch a new platform with a new look, enhanced features, and a brand new identity. It is with great excitement that in December 2014 we introduced you to yconic, the next generation of “Your Student Platform”.

Why did we create a new brand?
We just felt that overall, we did so much more than people understood. So we needed a new brand to showcase that.
When we originally launched, the only service we offered students was scholarship matching. Since then, we’ve added more social enhancements and resources to help guide you through student life. Now that we do so much more than matching students to Money for School, we wanted to create one new brand that would allow us to bring everything we do under one umbrella. yconic also allows us to unite all of our different products and services, including our youth-focused market research panel Uthink, our financial literacy portal in partnership with Scotiabank,, and our corporate site

What’s in it for you?
• A more student-focused product, offering you more than just Money for School
• Improvements across your student platform, ranging from updates to your content Feeds, expanding social features across the platform and the ability to follow schools, subjects and other student life topics that matter to you!
• We’ll also be rolling out a number of new help products across the platform, including a talent and career-finding service......and so much more! But we don’t want to ruin all of the surprises yet ;)

We know change can be exciting and potentially daunting at the same time, but your needs are central to everything that we do.
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