What is yconic?

What is yconic, you ask? Good question!

yconic is a student help platform that aims to make life easier, more affordable and less stressful for students pursuing higher education in Canada, the USA and abroad. yconic is the place where you will find free scholarship matching, member-exclusive opportunities, and peer-to-peer support for every step of your student journey.
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yconic aims to be the most valued and trusted global youth partner. To accomplish this, we also partner with select brands, agencies and higher ed institutions and professionals that want to better understand and build meaningful connections with students and youth. yconic only partners with brands that share our passion for authentically helping youth and are willing to invest in our student community through Money for School and other opportunities for our members.

You won’t find the term "yconic" in the dictionary yet because we created the name based on a few different concepts. Originating in a brainstorming session, it was the love-child of the words iconic and youth. Since yconic’s inception in 2013, it’s evolved to mean many things but ultimately it boils down to having the passion to be great in what you do, and to authentically help others.

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