I Can't Upload My Profile Picture

Uploading a profile image is easy. Simply:

1. Log into
2. Click on your profile menu (profile image) at the top right of the page
3. Select "Edit Profile" from the drop down menu
4. Click "Change Photo"
5. Upload your new profile image

If you're having difficulty uploading

1. Check your file: yconic supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats. We don't currently support animated GIFs.
2. Check the size: Our recommended size for a profile picture is 245x245 pixels. Try to keep your image around this size for the best resolution.
3. Check your browser: If your browser requires an update this could cause some difficulty when uploading photos. Confirm that you have the most recent version of your browser and then give the upload another try.
4. Make sure you save: Double check that you've saved your image once you've uploaded it. You won't see any changes to your profile unless you save the update.

Still having difficulty?

Try uploading your photo on another computer in order to rule out any system issues or try another image to ensure there are no issues with your file.

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